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Apple Watch Series 7 might skip new sensors, focus on battery

We keep hearing about the next generation of Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatches and keep finding out new information. Recently, we’ve reported that the new watch could feature a double-sided chip, it could come with the first new redesign and also feature a number of new sensors.

However, the latter might not happen, and instead, Apple might focus on improving the battery life in the next generation of its Smartwatch lineup. According to a new report from the Economic Daily News (via MacRumors), the smaller Series 7 watch will free up internal space for a larger battery, or add additional health sensors. However, Apple might delay these new sensors until 2022, according to multiple reports from sources who have high accuracy for predicting Apple’s future plans.

As we’ve reported earlier, Apple was working on bringing blood glucose sensors to the Apple Watch, but sadly this might not be ready for a few more years. The new redesign is expected to make the next gen Apple Watch ever so slightly thicker, and if the double-sided chip is also happening, this could indeed give room for a larger battery, in theory.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to have a new, flat design, perhaps a slightly larger display with slimmer bezels, a new more powerful U1 chip and additional functionality for tracking health and fitness. It might also have improved wireless connectivity.

If Apple does indeed manage to fit a larger battery inside, it could mean that the watch might finally be a comfortable three or more day device. Increasing the battery size also means that Apple would have a better position against the competition, many of which offer a great and multi-day battery life, compared to the Apple watch that often only lasts a day or two, three at best if a few settings are turned off.

Roland is a technology enthusiast and software engineer based in United Kingdom.

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