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Best OnePlus 9 accessories to get the most out of your shiny new flagship

With the OnePlus 9, the Chinese smartphone maker has finally managed to address a few of the weakest points of its past ‘flagship killer’ phones. The OnePlus 9 is now equipped with some powerful camera hardware, with Hasselblad color tuning magic thrown into the mix, support for wireless charging, a better display, and of course, a faster processor. If you’re planning to purchase the latest OnePlus offering – or have already grabbed one – here are the best OnePlus 9 accessories for your brand new phone:

    VELOGK Warp Car Charger
    The Velogk Warp Car Charger for the OnePlus 9 can deliver a wattage of 30W and is claimed to provide around 70 % of battery juice after just around 35 minutes of charging. There is a second standard USB-A port that delivers 20W of changing power.
    Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case
    Employing a sturdy polycarbonate bumper and a transparent hard polycarbonate rear panel, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for the OnePlus 9 not only protects your phone, but will also let you flaunt the paint job on its rear panel in all its glory.
    Olixar OnePlus 9 Phone Case
    Rocking a carbon fiber design with a bruised metal finish, the Olixar phone case also features raised bezels for maximum protection. Plus, it also comes with an Olizar-brand screen protector to keep that OLED panel in pristine condition.
    Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case
    Among my favorite smartphone accessories, the Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case is slim, light, and extremely sturdy. It offers an anti-slip matter surface for superior grip and comes with military-grade protection for handling shock.
    Caseology Parallax OnePlus 9 Case
    If you’re after that not only offers solid protection against scratches and accidental falls, but also stands out from the crowd with its unique looks, the Caseology Parallax case is the one you should get for your shiny new OnePlus 9.
    Spigen Tough Armor Case
    This one employs a combination of TPU and polycarbonate in its build, and has been certified to offer military-grade MIL-STD 810G protection. It has raised edges to protect the screen and camera, and also has a built-in kickstand.
    LK Screen and Lens Guard
    Priced at just $10, this bundle includes three tempered glass screen protectors and an equal number of lens protectors. The material reaches 9H on the Moh’s scale, which is as hard as tempered glass gets for screen guards.
    Pulen Camera Lens Guard
    If you have already got a protective case and a screen protector for your OnePlus 9, why not go a step ahead and get a lens protector too? The 3-pack Pulen lens protector costs just $5, but it is made of extremely durable 9H glass.
    Anker Nano PIQ Charger
    Tired of carrying bulky power packs everywhere? The well-received Anker Nano charger is tiny and weighs just 1.1 ounces. In case you’re wondering, the charging output is not too shabby either at 20W for such a small package.
    Samsung Fast Charge battery pack
    A hot favorite of mine ever since it was launched, this power bank cum wireless charging pad has not only saved me from carrying cables all the time, but has also proved to be a multifunctional option that can juice up to two devices on the go.
    Anker PowerWave Stand
    This PowerWave Stand Qi wireless charger by Anker delivers a peak output of 10W. Yes, the OnePlus 9 supports up to 15W wireless charging output, but at an asking price of less than twenty bucks, the Anker offering ain’t too bad.
    Oneplus Buds Z
    These fairly affordable true earbuds from OnePlus pack quite a punch, thanks to their solid bass output and balanced sound profile. Their have a comfortable angled earbud design and are claimed to last 20 hours on a single charge.
    Yubico YubiKey 5C
    The Yubico YubiKey 5C features a USB-Type C interface to plug into your OnePlus 9 for authentication. It offers multi-protocol support (FIDO2, FIDO U2F, Yubico OTP, OATH-TOTP, etc.) and works on PC and Macs too.
    INIU 100W Type-C cable
    The INIU USB-C to USB-C cable supports an impressive 100W PD output. With a Nylon braided coat, 28AWG high conductive wire, flexible joints, and 3D Laser-welded aluminium-alloy connector, you should definitely get it.
    AUKEY Omnia charger
    The AUKEY Omnia 65W 2-Port Fast Charger has a USB-C and USB-A port, and features a GaN chip inside. It can charge everything from your phone and tablet to MacBook, and delivers 45W PD output when both ports are used.

Our top picks

Now, coming to our top picks from this best OnePlus 9 accessories guide, I’d first go with the Anker Nano charger. It is tiny, light, and delivers 20W of charging out. Yes, the phone goes up to 65W, but the convenience offered by its small profile and the ease of carrying it around easily is a major deciding factor for me.

Another OnePlus 9 accessory that I would pick from the list is the INIU USB-C to USB-C Nylon braided cable. This one supports up to 100W PD output, which means I can juice up my phone and laptop at peak speed without any issue. The fact that it is sturdy, and costs just around $13 for a pack of two is an added incentive for me. 

In case you’re still contemplating buying the OnePlus 9, we’ve compiled this list of the best OnePlus 9 deals you can get out there. Just to make sure that you don’t get lost in an endless trove of online product listings, we’ve also rounded up the best OnePlus 9 cases to save you the trouble.

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