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Counterpoint: Honor strongly rebounds in China, on its way back to the top

Honor has separated from Huawei to keep itself afloat, and Counterpoint Researchis now reporting the move was a success as the brand is starting its fightback. The freefall from the early months of the year when Honor was reorganizing its buisiness is seemingly over and the 50 series have brought in considerable spike in sales.

Honor has posted very strong growth for the past two months, reaching an 8.4% market share in June – the last month for which the data is compiled.

Counterpoint: Honor is now ready to compete for top positions in China

Looking even closer Counterpoint Research has revealed sales between June 21 and July 4 have jumped 36%, compared with the previous two weeks, fueled by the Honor 50 launch on June 25. This means the company has more growth ahead of it and with the Magic 3 series coming next month it may not be stopping soon.

Counterpoint: Honor is now ready to compete for top positions in China

The performance can be attributed to brand loyalty among customers, as well as R&D capabilities – George Zhao has revealed over 4,000 people were rehired at the new HQ when Honor split from Huawei, and now users are appreciating the continuity the brand is keeping.

Another key reason Honor is poised to become a strong competitor are its links with Digital China – a Chinese company that has the biggest supply chain network under its wing, allowing Honor to distribute its devices to a wider audience.


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