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Everything WRONG with Apple Going After Leakers, Galaxy Watch 4 LEAKED & more! (video)

It’s been a pretty big week for deals so, let’s end the week the way we started it, with a couple more good ones, that you can always skip in the time codes! Starting with the M1 MacBook Air whish is still getting a 100 dollar discount, leaving the base model in every color variant for 900 bucks. The brand new M1 iMac is 50 dollars off in the Silver and Blue color options, meaning it starts at 1250. And you can also grab the higher tier variant with the 8 core GPU with that same discount if you go for the Blue and Silver options. Now I’m  gonna include the Microsoft Surface Duo here just because the deal is crazy, but not because the product is any good. You can get it for an insane 795 dollars off, meaning you can grab it at the price it should’ve always had at $634 bucks. I still feel you should be paid to use that product, though. Then the OnePlus 8 is getting a 60 dollar price drop, so you can grab the Glacial Green variant for 639 bucks. Finally, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is 126 dollars off, leaving that at 304 bucks. We have more deals on MSI monitors, Sony TVs, Chromebooks and more in the links in the description.

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    Galaxy Tab S6 Lite


Now, let’s shift focus on to Cupertino as we have a couple of leaks that tell us what we can expect for their Wearables this year. Starting with AirPods, there’s a new DigiTimes report that claims that Apple’s suppliers which I won’t try to pronounce, have all kicked off shipments for Apple’s next generation products that include the Apple Watch, AirPods and the iPhone. This goes along with a Bloomberg report from Mark Gurman that mentioned that the 3rd generation AirPods would launch later this year with a design that resembles the AirPods Pro. And rumors hint that the next generation AirPods Pro will have to wait until next year for a refresh. Now, moving on to the Apple Watch, one of Apple’s suppliers’ website confirms that they have a new double-sided technology which will allow for them to shrink their chip, paving the way for a smaller S7 chip. We don’t really know how this smaller double-sided chip will play out with the Apple Watch as other rumors point to it getting slightly thicker. Mark Gurman also claims that Cupertino has been testing thinner display bezels along with a new lamination technique for the display which could have flat edges according to previous leaks by Jon Prosser. I mean both of these rumors sound great, and we’re getting closer to the Fall so let’s see.

Let’s move on to Sammy for a couple of segments, starting with Wearables as the company plans to unveil something very soon. Earlier this week they put out a teaser for MWC where they plan to “reimagine smartwatches” and that headline actually makes sense considering their new collaboration with Google for WearOS. Now, we have a new gallery of images from 91Mobiles that shows off the upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 Series. Apparently these renders were recovered from a “reliable industry source” and they show off the new design and color variants. You still get the round form factor with the aluminum build, new buttons and we’re also getting a wider array of color combinations thanks to the bands. Some of the combinations include White and Silver, Blue and Black, and Coral with Rose Gold. Now, I must say that they look very similar to those Galaxy Watch Active renders we got a couple of days ago but, Evan Blass claims that the Watch Active 4 isn’t coming right now. We haven’t heard much information on the Galaxy Watch 4 but it’ll apparently come with a BIA sensor, which can measure body fat composition, helping you reach your fat-burning goals in a more efficient way. We’ll see what we get next week at MWC as, this Watch looks very good in these renders.

Let’s keep the spotlight on Samsung but move on to the Galaxy S21 FE which is facing a lot of road bumps a head of its release.. A couple of weeks ago we were expecting this phone to launch along the Z Fold and Z Flip but, a slew of new reports claim that the S21 FE has been delayed until Q4 due to the global chip shortage. Now we have a new report from South Korea that claims once again that the launch has been postponed from Early August to October and this report actually adds that there will be limited availability. Apparently it’ll initially be exclusive to the United States and Europe due to limited amounts and it will not launch in Japan or even South Korea. Insiders also revealed that Samsung even considered a total shutdown of the production but, due to the popularity the “FE” line gained last year, they decided to still produce it but in a limited quantity. Finally, the report claims that this chip shortage is also one of the main reasons why we won’t be getting a Galaxy Note this year and we’ll have to wait until 2022. We’re expecting the S21 FE to bring nearly identical specifications to the vanilla Galaxy S21 but with multiple color variants and for a more affordable price tag. Let’s see what happens in October.

And finally, for the hottest news today let’s go back to Apple but, we won’t be talking about any products today.. We’ll be discussing leaks, and how badly Apple seems to want to handle the situation. There’s a ton of reports going around where several leakers have received warning letters from lawyers representing Apple. One of the most notable tipsters, Kang, posted on his Weibo page that Apple commissioned a law firm to send letters to a number of leakers “cautioning them that they must not disclose information about unreleased Apple projects”. The letter goes on to say that these leaks actually mislead customers due to the fact that what they disclose might not be accurate and it might give Apple’s competitors valuable information. They showed Kang some of his own Weibo posts in the letter where he gave people product release dates and even purchase suggestions. As a result he answered that he has never “published” undisclosed product pictures or solid information, which is the case with most of the leakers Apple is targeting. Like in the case of Love to Dream where he vaguely leaks a product by saying he had a dream about it, not really giving you any information. Kang ended his comments on the matter by saying he isn’t really sending pictures or leaking them but he is still used as a target, so he won’t be posting dreams or riddles in the future.. However, he still wants to use his Weibo page freely to give his opinion on Apple products. Other people like Concept Creator who does not even leak information, but helps create renders out of them, also got the notice and said that Apple was pretty unclear on the matter.


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