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Google Hints Pixel 6 Event, Galaxy Z Fold 3 Teaser & more! (video)

The official news today still begin with deals, starting with new OnePlus devices as rumors hint to the T variant taking a hiatus. Amazon currently has the OnePlus 9 Pro for 117 dollars off, meaning you can get it for 951 bucks in most color variants.. And I don’t blame you if you find it still expensive. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 is getting a 100 dollar discount, so you can grab it for 180. If you want a Samsung phone to pair that with, their trade-in deals are still going strong so you can get the Galaxy S21 for 100 bucks, the s21 Plus for 200 or the S21 Ultra for as low as 400 bucks but then again, you do need an eligible device to trade in. We also have some reservation offers with great perks for Galaxy Unpacked at the top of the description if you plan to get a new foldable. Going back to Amazon, the Nokia 8.3 5G is 179 bucks off, leaving it at 420. Finally, the Fire TV Stick 4K which I love is getting a 10 dollar price drop, leaving it at 40 bucks. We have more offers on other Samsung products, Laptops, Acer Chromebooks and more.

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Let’s move on to Apple and some very confusing updates when it comes to nonother than Siri. Let me get this straight, first Apple said they’re expanding Siri’s access to other services, which sounds great but hold it right there.. It seems they maybe changed their mind.. Sort of? On a developer support page, Cupertino says that a number of SiriKit intents and commands will no longer be supported with the public release of iOS 15, macOS Monterey and all the other updates we’re expecting from them this fall. They’re actually listing a total of 22 different Siri commands that will no longer be supported, with one of the most notable ones being that you will no longer be able to book an Uber ride with Siri. They’re also butchering Siri’s integration with note and to-do apps like Things 3, not letting you create or delete tasks among other things. Apple is even advising developers to update their apps to remove any marketing material that informs users they can use Siri for certain commands as they will no longer be available. So, Apple makes all this marketing on how Siri is better than ever and how it’ll expand to new apps, just for it to get completely butchered for third party apps. Way to go Cupertino!

And speaking of contradicting stuff, how about if we shift focus to reports that go against each other, of course, from Apple and iPads. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve gotten a lot of iPad mini leaks that hint to a complete redesign but, according to Mac Otakara, it’s not happening like we think. Starting with that iPad mini, they claim that their latest information indicates that the next gen iPad mini as well as the next regular iPad “do not seem to be any different” from the existing ones. Completely contradicting other reliable sources like Ming Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman, so yeah, let’s take this report with a grain of salt. They also talked about an upcoming iPad Air, where they mention that it will bring the same 10.9-inch display with Touch ID in the power button, but it will now bring a dual camera module with an Ultra Wide sensor, like we get on the iPad Pros. Apparently there’s also a possibility of the LiDAR scanner making the cut, as well as a four speaker audio system and 5G capabilities. Other reports mentioned that this iPad Air could bring an OLED display but, no word on that from this report. Keep in mind this is the first we’ve ever heard about another iPad Air refresh, so that’s a long shot, but could it be that we’re getting two iPad mini units, as previous rumors pointed to?; A pro and a regular variant would make sense.

But alright, you know the way it goes, the closer we get to Unpacked the more official the leaks get. Yesterday we covered how Sammy gave us a ton of information on what we can expect at the event, and now we get an official teaser, and can I just say.. This is probably the coolest, most epic teaser I’ve seen in years. The teaser starts by showing us old products, like the first cellphone or PDA, which were all good products, but that eventually changed. It references to how its time for the flat slab to change. It then alludes to the Z Fold’s design as we get to see a phone with some skyscrapers unfolding inside, very Inception-like. The teaser then ends with the words – is good, good enough.. And then “get ready to unfold” which reminds you to tune in on August 11th. Can I just say, I agree with this. It is true that for us to go from what we had to what we have, change needed to occur, and after using the Z Fold 2 for about 6 months, I can see that makes sense. Stay tuned for that After The Buzz, by the way. Now, on a separate Note, no pun intended, let’s sidetrack on to the Galaxy S21 FE for a bit. We have a new tweet from Roland Quandt where he claims that the Galaxy S21 FE is now officially back on track. With Unpacked being just 2 weeks away this most likely means that the phone won’t be coming at the event after all but, it does mean that it’s coming at some point. We’ll see how it all unfolds at the event.

Finally, for the hottest news today, let’s talk about Google. It’s been a while since we’ve had some Pixel leaks, but now that Samsung put out a statement opening up expectations for their upcoming event, Google decided to do the same. On the company’s Q2 Earnings Call, Sundar Pichai, talked about Google’s “consumer hardware efforts”. He started with a recap of Google I/O and moved on to Android’s new personalization and privacy features. After that he went on to tease Google’s upcoming “Pixel Event” where they plan to properly showcase Android 12 and “deep technology investments”. Now, these deep technology investments could very easily be about their custom in-house SoC which is codenamed Whitechapel and has been the spotlight for most Pixel 6 leaks, along with the new design. While we’re on the topic of chips, a new 9to5Google report shows that both the Pixel 4a 5G and the Pixel 5 were listed as “out of stock” at the beginning of this month. And as a matter of fact, Google Fi has removed the entire listing of these devices, including the descriptions and certifications. That means that at the moment you can only get the Pixel 4a on the store, but you can’t find the other variants anywhere, not even other retailers. We’re not sure if this is because of chip production issues or if they’re repeating a Pixel 4 where they only sold it for 9 months in their store. It kinda sounds to me like they’re gearing up for another release. So, with a leaked custom SoC, a different design and some very decent specifications according to the rumors.


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