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Google Nest Hub Display combos, Apple’s iPad Pro models and more are on sale

We keep on getting some crazy deals. This time we head over to eBay, where you will find several Google Nest Hub Display combos on sale. First up, we have the Google Nest Hub Smart Display with a Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker selling for just $100. Now, this means that you basically get the Nest Mini, a $35 value, for free since the 2nd gen Nest Hub regularly goes for $100 alone. Now, if you don’t want a Google Nest Mini, and you’d rather get another Google Nest speaker, you can also get the combo that features a Google Nest Smart Speaker for $139, down from its regular $230 price tag. Which means you get to save $91.

If you’re not interested in Nest smart speakers at all, there’s also an option that gets you a new Google Nest Hub Display with a Nest Hub Max for $243, which means you get $86 savings from its regular $329 value. And if you’re more interested in getting a new Nest thermostat, you can grab one along with a 2nd gen Google Nest Hub for $167, a $230 value with $63 savings.

    Google Nest Hub Display with Nest mini
    Google Nest Hub Display with Nest
    Google Nest Hub Display with Nest Hub Max

Google Nest Hub Display with Nest mini
Google Nest Hub Display with Nest
Google Nest Hub Display with Nest Hub Max

Now, we have also seen Apple’s latest iPads getting constant discounts. For example, you can grab a new M1-powered iPad Pro with $50 savings, which translates to 6 percent off its regular $799 price tag. In other words, you can grab one for as low as $749 on its 128GB storage option with WiFi-only support.

Now, you may not want to spend extra on a new iPad that can’t take advantage of its current hardware, so you may also want to go for one of the previous iPad Pro variants. If that’s your case, then you may want to take a look at Best Buy, where there are several iPad Pro models on sale. Some of these models are getting up to $200 if you’re a student, that is. But still, you can grab the previous 11-inch model for just $700 if you’re a regular customer or get $50 extra savings if you’re still studying.

Going back to Amazon, you can also grab the entry-level iPad that comes with a 10.2-inch display, 32GB storage, and WiFi support for $299 after getting a $30 discount. Or get the 128GB variant for $395 with $34 savings on any of its three different color options. And If you’re still looking to get a new tablet for less, you can also consider getting a new Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus. It is now up for grabs at kist $220 after getting a $60 discount.

    11-inch iPad Pro
    Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus


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