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Google wants YOU to be part of Android 12 design

Design is a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other objects before it is made, a decorative pattern. However, design is also a process of imagining. It is a process of creating. This tool is used to give users of Android 12 better devices and better experiences, as creators aim to deliver easier and more personalized products. However, things get better as Google will allow its users to express their individuality thanks to the new Material You.

One of the best things about Google and Android is that it allows users to choose. And not just the brand, size, or specs of your devices, but it also allows you to personalize how you interact with it. The latest change will also allow users to express their personalities and change their interface to be more appealing to them. To make it unique. This is possible thanks to Material You, which makes each and every user a co-creator, allowing them to transform the look and feel of their apps.

Material You will also let Android 12 users generate personal material palettes that mix color science with your designer eye. At the same time, its UI will show you real-time results to pimp out your device, no matter the make or model. It will allow you to create a new design that will never compromise on accessibility, and it will adjust to any need. And you can use it with any app, not just Google’s, to blend in with its user’s preferences.

Google considers the details to unify everything from common proportions, textures, and shapes in its devices to best fit its users needs. And now, it has done the same for your device, as users will not be limited only by a light or a dark mode when they run Android 12. Instead, they will get a mode for every mood, which will also travel with their account across every app and every device. It will first arrive in Google Pixel devices in Fall. And it will make its way to the Web, Wear OS, Chrome OS, and other Google products.

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