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Huawei P50 series is officially set to launch on July 29

After a very long time of unknown, the Huawei P50 series have finally received an official launch date. The new flagship devices have leaked in the past, but it was never officially revealed due to the trade ban, the ongoing development of the company’s Harmony OS platform, and the shortage of chipsets. Finally, that is set to change, and the company’s CEO Richard Yu said that we’ll see a new era of mobile photography.

The date was in the rumor mill until now, but even that has been confirmed on the official Weibo page of the company. The teaser doesn’t reveal much, apart from the date and time of the official announcement (via GSMArena).

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Recently, we’ve heard reports of Huawei considering launching their Huawei P50 series with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipsets, and they might also only be LTE-enabled devices, despite the chipset supporting 5G technologies. We have so far not heard any news about the Huawei P50 Lite, P50 Pro, or P50 Pro+ devices, so we’re unsure whether those devices will see the light of day at this announcement.

The Huawei P50 series are expected to launch with the company’s own Kirin 9000 chipset and switch to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888, once the Kirin chipsets have run out completely. As for the rest of the specifications, we’re still unsure about a lot of them. We do know that the devices are expected to ship with Harmony OS 2.0. We also know that the phones might support 66W fast charging and there were some rumors about a 1-inch Sony sensor, and a 1/1.18-inch sensor the ultrawide camera.

The announcement is only ten days away from us, we’ll likely find out a lot more in the coming days about the whole family of the Huawei P50 series. What are your thoughts about the upcoming devices, based on the information that we have available today? Let us know in the comments!

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