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iPhone 13 series could feature an Always-on mode

The upcoming iPhone 13 series are expected to be an improved generation of the 12 series from last year, although the new flagships are said to be called “iPhone 13”. The iPhone 13 series are also expected to receive a new always-on feature, that has been in the rumor mill for many years now.

According to the “Power On” newsletter by Bloomberg journalist, Mark Gurman, the new iPhone 13 this year could feature an Apple Watch-inspired always-on display mode (via MacRumors). The technology would be based on the current generation of Apple Watch and it would likely lower the brightness and feature a variable refresh rate to save battery and show the time constantly.

The new feature would be made possible thanks to the new LTPO displays that can run very efficiently that keeps the brightness of the panel low, hence not having a significant impact on the battery life. Only the iPhone 13 Pro series of devices are expected to receive the more advanced display panels, which would allow the functionality to be exclusively only available on the more premium, “Pro” devices.

We’ve heard these kinds of rumors a number of times in the past, so don’t get your hopes up just yet, as this is yet another rumor, but it does seem like we’re slowly inching towards a new and much-improved display that might be good enough for Apple to finally include it on their iPhones.

The iPhone 13 series are also expected to feature larger batteries, smaller notches, improved performance, better displays on the Pro models, and a number of camera upgrades on all devices. The new series are expected to launch sometime in the third week of September and the price and storage are also expected to be the same or very similar to the current 12 generations.

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