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Xiaomi overtakes Apple as number two smartphone vendor

Xiaomi has overtaken Apple in the second quarter of 2021, which resulted in the company officially becoming and taking the number two spot. Xiaomi was the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in Q2.

A new report by Canalys shows how much market share Xiaomi had in the second quarter of 2021. Apple’s iPhone sales were surpassed by smartphones sales from the Korean giant, Samsung and the Chinese smartphones maker Xiaomi. This is the first time the company has held this position and may continue to hold it in the foreseeable future, especially now that Huawei’s market shares keep on shrinking as the sales for the company are going down.

Samsung was the most popular smartphone vendor with a 19 percent market share and 15 percent growth. Xiaomi was the second largest with a 17 percent market share and a massive 83 percent growth rate. Apple held onto 14 percent of the market share and had a 1 percent growth. Oppo and Vivo were responsible for 10 percent market share each.

Xiaomi number two smartphone vendor chart

Xiaomi has shown a significant jump, and it’s “growing its overseas business rapidly” said Canalys Research Manager Ben Stanton. “For example, its shipments increased more than 300% in Latin America, 150% Africa, and 50% in Western Europe.”

Ben Stanton also mentioned how the company could possibly dethrone Samsung from the first position, by suggesting that it may have to increase its price point and sell more premium devices that are more expensive, since those devices provide a lot more profit.

“So a major priority for Xiaomi this year is to grow sales of its high-end devices, such as the Mi 11 Ultra. But it will be a tough battle, with Oppo and Vivo sharing the same objective, and both willing to spend big on above-the-line marketing to build their brands in a way that Xiaomi is not. All vendors are fighting hard to secure component supply amid global shortages, but Xiaomi already has its sights set on the next prize: displacing Samsung to become the world’s largest vendor.”

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